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___Chinese character Kong, ___ word that generally means control, has been selected as?? ___ 2013 character of the year in China.

A.The; a, aB.A; a; the
C.A;the;theD.The; a, the


Do you believe __ true ___ you find high wages, you generally find high prices?

A.that; thatB.that; that what
C.it; whenD.it; that where


The government has been under growing pressure to ______ the causes of air pollution as smog frequently smothers the country's large cities.



It was Feb 8 2014 (Beijing) ___the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics ___ in Russia.

A.that, broke off?B.before, put off?
C.since, set off?D.when, kicked off?


Things have changed quickly over the past decade and life in the country is much better than ___used to be.



The temperature has risen ___ more than 20 degrees centigrade.It is quite hot ___ January in Jiangxi.

A.to; forB.at;to


—He thinks that girls are smarter than boys when it comes to learning English.
—But two years ago he thought____.



"The president's report," a smile on his face, he continued, "___ to several hot topics, discusses how to increase peasants' income."

C.having referredD.referred


We should give the disabled encouragement to live _____ as we do.

A.as a rich and full lifeB.as rich and full a life
C.so a rich and full lifeD.so rich and full a life


— Why do you do volunteer work in the North-West?
— I___ to improve the lives of the children there through my efforts.

A.was tryingB.have tried
C.am tryingD.tried


Harry Potter fans were left in shock ___author J.K-Rowling revealed she regretted pairing Granger and Ron in the novel.



It seemed that our nursery rhymes___ some magic because all the nights I sang them for my daughter, she would listen to them with keen pleasure.

A.must have hadB.should have had
C.could have hadD.need have had


My neighbor is as ___as a young man and dislikes sitting around doing nothing all day.



John began to feel little beads of sweat going down the back of his neck.His words seemed to have had no visible ___ on the man.



—Is the task easy to finish?
—___.I'll just do my bit.

A.I think soB.Anything but
C.Not a littleD.Certainly



You heard about the sign posted on a farmer's fence? On the other side of the?????resides the biggest, meanest looking????you can imagine.The sign is intended to strike????into the hearts of would-be trespassers.It reads, "Don't attempt to????this field unless you can do it in 9.9 seconds.The bull can do it in 10 flat!"
Don't try to cross that field unless you are????????!And isn't that the way it is in life? We have to be ready when the?????arises or else we will have little chance of????
Sixth-grade schoolteacher Ms Shelton believed in????.Students remember how she????in on the first day of class and began writing????of an eighth-grade caliber on the chalkboard.They????protested that the words were not on their????and they couldn't learn them.
Their teacher????????that the students could and would learn these words.She said that she would???????teach down to them.Ms Shelton ended by saying that one of the students in that classroom could go on to??????.maybe even be president some day, and she wanted to prepare them for that day.?
Ms Shelton spoke those words many years ago.????did she know that someday one of her students - Jesse Jackson - would take them?????.She believed that if they were well prepared, they could achieve?????goals.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "People only see what they are prepared to see."?????that's true, then it is also true that they only become what they are prepared to become. And a lot of?????????is just about getting ready.




While going to the office, I found an old man lying by the side of the bus stop.He seemed very sick and poor.Instinctively.I gave him some money.After a few minutes, I realized that he was probably too sick to get up and buy something with that money.I was thinking about how to help him when my bus arrived, halting my brainstorm.I quickly got on and rode off.
However, that night I couldn't sleep.I felt very angry at my own heartless and selfish behavior.How could I just walk away from that man without a thought for his suffering? I felt restless and very upset. The next morning, while waiting at the bus stop, I hoped to run into him again.But he wasn't there.I thought he may have gone to the sidewalk to sleep for the night.I looked around for him, but he had disappeared.Disappointed, I decided to check for him again on my way back.
While returning from work that day, I came back to the bus stop and resumed my search for him. Thankfully, he was there.I quickly went to a nearby store and got him a blanket, some bread, and biscuits. When I handed them to him, he seemed very grateful."Now I will be safe from the cold," he smiled. I also gave him some more money and told him to keep it safely.After being able to help him, I felt very at peace.
【小题1】What does the underlined word "Instinctively" in Paragraph 1 mean?


【小题2】Why did the author feel restless and upset that night?

A.He was regretful that didn't give the old man any money.
B.He was exhausted while he was working at his office.
C.He felt guilty in his mind for not helping the old man out
D.He suffered being restless and upset at night for a long period.

【小题3】According to the story, which of the statements below is NOT true?

A.The author left the old man in a hurry as he didn't want to be late for work.
B.The next morning the author did meet the old man and give him a warm hand.
C.The old man was pleased with the author's offer because he wouldn't be exposed to the cold at night
D.The author eventually achieved his resolution to help the old man out.

【小题4】What can we possibly conclude from the moving story?

A.The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.
B.If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
C.God helps those who help themselves.
D.Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

【小题5】What would be the best title for the passage?

A.Giving money to strangers is rather happy.
B.How can you help a stranger?
C.Don't be sony failing in helping others.
D.A moving story happening at a bus stop.


A study suggests that although most students at UK universities are happy with their courses, dissatisfaction has grown as fees rise.The study highlights a big variation in teaching time, and lists different ideas about the value of getting university degrees.?
Katharine Collins, a second-year college student?
The course has been very interesting, but I was expecting a little more one-to-one time with my teacher.
We do about four assignments (作业) each term, each of which is about 3,000 words.However, sometimes they are not that helpful.We hope to be given the right to write feedback (反馈) after every assignment, but we had no feedback at all throughout the first year.We are given grades about three weeks after we hand the assignments in.There is no feedback on where we have gone wrong or how we might improve.
Lee Millington, a creative-writing student
I choose the courses because of its reputation.There is a lack of one-to-one teaching.I would like personalized feedback from an expert in my field of writing.Some of the lectures have been quite helpful but they try to use too many different styles of writing.For example, if you want to be a poet, you might find that the lectures focus too much on novels.
I think there is too much attention paid to sharing our work in workshops and giving each other feedback.I think there should be more time given to actual teaching, rather than to feedback from people who are at a similar level to me.
Reporters from Hounsdown Secondary School, Ella, 16
When I work independently, I feel I have more freedom to develop my ideas and come up with more original viewpoints.The price of university will still be worth it to get the qualifications (资格证书)necessary for better jobs.
Tyier, 16
Although the cost of university is very high now, I think university is required for gaining a good and well-paid job.
【小题1】We can learn from the beginning of the article that???????????.

A.Most of the university students at UK are dissatisfied with their courses.
B.The higher and higher pay for their courses accounts for the rise of the UK students’ dissatisfaction.
C.All the students at UK universities hold a similar attitude towards the value of getting university degrees.
D.The student’s purpose is to highlight the importance of gaining a university diploma.

【小题2】According to Katharine Collins in Paragraph 2, we can infer that???????????.

A.She is content with the assignments given in each term.
B.She has never been given one-to-one time with her teacher before.
C.She didn’t think highly of the value of the assignments at the university.
D.She benefits from the assignments a lot because they are helpful.

【小题3】Why does Lee Millington choose the course-- writing?

A.Because he wants to be a great writer in the future.
B.Because he is interested in it from his heart.
C.Because he hope to make a better living before long.
D.Because the course has a high reputation in society.

【小题4】Who will most tend to be a professional novelist among the students mentioned in the passage?


【小题5】What does the author mainly tell us at UK in this passage?

A.The value for university degrees.
B.The higher pay for courses at university.
C.The terrible assignments at university.
D.The puzzle of the students at university.


Cloud seeding is a method of artificially causing clouds to produce precipitation (降水) in the form of rain or snow.Cloud seeding has also been used in attempts to modify the severity of hail storms and hurricanes.The effectiveness of cloud seeding remains controversial (有争议的).but it continues to be used in some regions to try to increase rainfall for agriculture and to build snow packs for water supplies and power production.
Cloud seeding was developed by American scientists Irving Langmuir and Vincent Joseph Schaefer during and after World War II.Their work began as an effort to learn more about the buildup of ice on airplane wings, and eventually led them to attempt to create rainfall by releasing several pounds of crushed frozen carbon dioxide into a cloud from an airplane.In this form, the carbon dioxide is called dry ice.On November 13, 1946, the technique appeared to produce snow directly under the cloud; the snow then turned to rain as it fell to the ground.
For their experiment, Langmuir and Schaefer selected a supercooled cloud, one in which the water droplets remain liquid in subfreezing temperatures.Their theory was that small grains of dry ice falling through the cloud would cause tiny droplets of water vapor in the cloud to freeze into crystals that attracted more water vapor.Their theory proved to be correct and eventually the crystals became heavy enough to fall from the cloud as snow.As the snow reached the warmer temperatures closer to the ground, it melted and became rain.
Another scientist, Bernard Vonnegut, produced a method of cloud seeding using silver iodide (碘化银).He used particles of silver iodide because its crystal structure resembled that of ice in clouds.Silver
iodide also had practical advantages over frozen carbon dioxide It could be stored at room temperature
and did not require an airplane as a delivery mechanism.Instead, silver iodide crystals could be fired by
cannons (大炮) high into the air, where wind carried them into the clouds.
【小题1】According to the text, Langmuir and Schaefer had intended to deal with__
A.how to freeze carbon dioxide??????????????????????
B.how to remove ice on plane wings
C.how to make weather forecast for the war?????????????
D how to hide planes in clouds at war
【小题2】What is the CORRECT order of the course for cloud seeding with dry ice?
a.snow becoming rain in wanner temperatures???????????? b.crystals attracting more water vapor
c.crystals falling in the form of snow???????????????????? d.crystals becoming very heavy
e.freezing tiny droplets of water vapor into crystals
f.putting small grains of dry ice in the cloud


【小题3】Bernard chose silver iodide as a method of cloud seeding because___.

A.it is much cheaper than dry iceB.it can be stored at any rooms
C.it can be sent into clouds by windD.it is similar

【小题4】The best title for the passage may be "____".

A.Cloud Seeding
B.Artificial Raining
C.Weather Changing
D.Cloud Gathering

【小题5】How many methods of cloud seeding are mentioned in the passage?



During the 1800s, African Americans worked long days in the fields of the American South.To ease their labor, they sang "field hollers" that they had brought from Africa.One person sang a line.Then a group of workers repeated it.The songs' words told of the hardships that people suffered.African Americans sang "shout spirituals", or joyous religious songs.They clapped their hands and stomped their feet to the music.
After the Civil War, the music changed dramatically.African American music, from ballads to church music, took new forms.It also adapted dance music, called "jump-ups".which had great rhythm. Banjos became popular.A blues singer usually played a call and response with the banjo.By the early 1900s, the guitar had replaced the banjo as the main blues instrument.
Northern Mississippi - called the Delta - was the center of the blues tradition.By the 1920s, the Delta had many clubs, so-called juke joints.African Americans listened and danced to music in these clubs.Some of the greatest blues men and women performed there.
Blues have a soulful sound that is easy to recognize.The musical notes are often "bent".That is, they are changed slightly to give a song more strength.Whatever their origin, these bent notes most often define the blues.
Lyrics are the words of a song.Blues lyrics describe everyday life.The lyrics, often about relationships between men and women, are often very intense and personal.They tell about sorrow and overwork.They tell about finding or losing love, having money or being broke, being happy or sad and lonely.The lyrics may use humor to describe life's trials and joys.They almost always use the rhythms of everyday speech.A typical blues stanza, or group of lyrics, has three lines.The second line repeats the first line.The third line has different words.
By the 1940s, large numbers of African Americans had left the Delta and moved north to work. Many settled in Chicago.There, a new kind of "electric", or "Chicago" blues began.Many of its themes were the same, but these blues had "wailing" electric guitars and harmonicas.The music had a steady, strong drumbeat.The loud, driving Chicago blues was excellent dance music.Chicago blues led to the birth of a new music style-rock and roll.
【小题1】The "field holler" is a kind of music that came from ___.

A.the American South.B.Africa.

【小题2】"Shout spirituals" and "field hollers" are similar in that both_____.

A.used banjos.B.were sung in church.
C.included call and response singing.D.expressed sadness.

【小题3】A typical blues Stanza is made up of____.

A.three lines.B.a harmonica.
C.a driving beat.D.four lines.

【小题4】One can conclude from the passage that the blues ___.

A.would have widespread without the juke joints of the Mississippi.
B.served as a form of communication and self-expression.
C.was successful only in the American South.
D.there were only greatest blues man performed in these clubs.

【小题5】African Americans probably moved to Chicago because ____.

A.the South was too hot in summer.
B.they liked the Chicago blues.
C.there were more jobs there.
D.they wanted to create a new music style.




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